Pilatus P-3 print available


The Pilatus P-3 is a trainer aircraft developed primarily for the Swiss Air Force. It replaced the Bucker Jungman and Jungmeister as well as the Pilatus P-2 in service. Development started in 1952 with the aircraft entering service with the Swiss Air Force in 1956.

The aircraft flew operationally in Switzerland until 1995 with most remaining aircraft being sold on the private market. Many can still be seen flying around the world be most have remained in Swiss hands. Aircraft A-810 was seen flying as recently as 2014 registered as HB-RBK.

The P-3 saw little export success with just six being sold to the Brazilian Navy. The P-3 was the basis for the development of the PC-7 which saw much wider international acclaim. A P-3, with serial A-871, was rebuilt as a prototype for the PC-7 with a PT-6A turbo prop engine amongst many other modifications.

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F-35 makes big splash in The Netherlands


On June 1 we got our first look at the F-35A Lightning II during a Royal Netherlands Air Force press briefing. The aircraft recently made it’s premiere visit to The Netherlands and the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from east to west. An Italian built aircraft had made the first altlantic crossing earlier flying from Cameri, Italy to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in the United States.

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Amerikaans Stealth Icoon terug uit pensioen?

Lange tijd was de F-117 Night Hawk het toestel dat Amerikaanse luchtaanvallen leidde. Als een van de eerste praktische toestellen die “onzichtbaar” was voor radar vloog het als eerste vijandelijk luchtruim in. Het was het eerste zogenaamde “Stealth” toestel dat bekend werd bij het grote publiek en als zodanig ook een van de eerste dat buiten dienst werd gesteld.


ItAF 37° Stormo Starfighter

We’re back from a short vacation! This weeks update is an Italian F-104S from the 37° Stormo. If you’re a regular at this site you’ll know we love Starfighters. And we love the Italians because they had these beauties in active service up until 2004. Thanks gents!

F-104S M.M.6909


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We’ve added a Hellenic Air Force bird to our collection. The F-104 Starfighter 7151 had this special paint job to commemorate the 336th “Olympus” squadron’s 50th anniversary in 1992. Quite a sight. Enjoy!

F-104G 7151 Olympus