Manufacturer: NH90 problems solved

Volgens fabrikant NHIndustries zijn de problemen met de NH-90 helikopter opgelost, technici van de fabrikant zouden op het moment al de oplossingen installeren op helikopters van het type. In een interview met FlightGlobal geeft NHI aan dat er nieuwe materialen worden gebruikt om de problemen op te lossen.


According to manufacturer NHIndustries the problems with the NH-90 helicopter have been solved, the company’s technicians are currently applying the fixes. In an interview with FlightGlobal NHIndustries states it is using new materials to rectify corrosion issues.



Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashes in Eastern Ukraine, possibly shot down.

Malaysia Airliners has confirmed it has lost contact with a Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine which was enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, flightnumber MH17. Some reports are claiming the aircraft has been shot down while cruising at about 30.000 feet.

Pro-russian seperatists have shot down high flying aircraft before but never machines flying at this altitude, previous shoot downs were on aircraft flying at about 20.000 feet which would put them at the upper edge of man portable air defences.

Reports now emerging are suggesting the system used might be a 9K37 Buk (NATO reporting code SA-11 Gadfly) system captured from Kiev government stock. This system is theoretically capable of downing aircraft operating at 30.000 feet. Nothing is confirmed at the moment though, the crash might be due to other causes.

In The Netherlands, Australia’s Blackhawk replacement is corroding at the seats

On 7 July we reported on Dutch Defense Ministers Hennis-Plasschaerts decision to freeze the acquisition of the European made NH-90. The DM made her decision after the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory released a report on design and manufacturing errors causing heavy wear and corrosion on the Dutch NH-90s. It’s not the first time the NATO Helicopter has suffered from these kinds of problems as the Australians have had similar experiences.



Dutch society of naval officers urges NH90 stop-gap

The Dutch Royal Society of Naval Officers has urged the Minister of Defence that a interim solution for the stalled Netherlands Navy NH90 project be sought. The society is currently studying a possible sale or lease of the US built Seahawk which is also coming into service in Denmark.


De Koninklijke Vereniging van Marine Officieren heeft het belang van een geschikte helikopter capaciteit voor de Koninklijke Marine benadrukt, de Vereniging onderzoekt zelf mogelijke tussen oplossingen voor het vastgelopen NH90 project. Een van de toestellen waar naar wordt gekeken is de Amerikaanse Seahawk helikopter, deze wordt op het moment in dienst genomen bij Denemarken in dezelfde rol waar Nederland de NH90 voor hoopt te gebruiken.



Air Force Iran active in Iraq

Although the United States and Iran usually are sworn enemies, it’s possible both of their air forces will meet above Iraq and work together in battling ISIS rebels who control large pieces of the region. Asserting from pictures and videos taken by local media and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense it appears that the “Pasadaran”, a nickname for the Army of the Protectors of the Islamic Revolution, has delivered seven of it’s Sukhoi 25 “Frogfoot” combat planes to Imam Ali air base near Nasiriyah. At Imam Ali AB are also four other Su-25s stationed which where recently purchased from the Russians. Four Iraqi and Ten Iranian pilots will fly the airplanes. Although Iran hasn’t officially confirmed the presence of it’s Frogfoots in Iraq, they can be recognized as Iranian by the color scheme and serial numbers used by it’s air force.


Uit foto’s en video’s die door lokale media en door het Iraakse ministerie van defensie geopenbaard zijn blijkt dat waarschijnlijk per 1 juli de “Pasadaran”, een bijnaam voor het Leger van de Bewakers van de Islamitische Revolutie, zeven van hun Sukhoi 25 “Frogfoot” gevechtsvliegtuigen over gebracht heeft naar de Imam Ali vliegbasis nabij Nasiriyah. Daar zijn ook een viertal toestellen van hetzelfde type gestationeerd die de Irakezen recentelijk van Rusland hebben gekocht. De toestellen zouden worden gevlogen door vier piloten uit Irak en tien piloten uit Iran. Iran heeft nog niet officieel de aanwezigheid van de toestellen erkend echter de toestellen dragen een kleurenschema dat identiek is aan dat van de luchtmacht van Iran en voeren ook herkenningsnummers die identiek zijn aan die zoals gevoerd door de Iraanse luchtmacht.


Europe shopping abroad for its drone needs

Even if you’re not following the aviation news, it’s hard not to know that ‘drone’ is the buzzword nowadays. It’s not a secret the United States is a big proponent of the unmanned aerial vehicles, letting the drones perform countless surveillance and tactical missions in the Middle East. On the other side, China is also putting some serious effort in developing their own drones, even if they are mostly clones of their American counterparts. But what about Europe, the Old Country? How are they currently faring in the drone arms race?


Dutch helicopter woes spark for closer cooperation

In a agreement signed today The Netherlands’ Air Mobile Brigade will become a part of the German Army “Division Schnelle Kräfte”. The resulting unit will be commanded by a German Army general who’s second in command will be Dutch, the Dutch component will continue to be based at it’s current base in The Netherlands. It is hoped that this far reaching cooperation will lead to economy-of-scale benefits and will increased capacity through the sharing of scarce and expensive resources. The force created would be some 11.000 strong with The Netherlands contributing about 2000 troops.