Chilean Navy and UAE Air Force PC-7 added

We’ve added two new PC-7’s to our site. First up is the Chilean trainer with s/n 211. The Pilatus is still in active service with the Chilean Navy today. The second one is the United Arab Air Force’s 917. Although seven are in active service today with the UAEAF, it’s going to be outnumbered by the newer PC-21 for which deliveries started 2010.
Click the links below and enjoy!

Chilean Navy s/n 211
PC-7_Chilean Navy VT-1

United Arab Emirates AF s/n 917 
PC-7 UAE 917 thumb

Major update: PC-7 added to profiles page

We’re delighted to report that we’ve added a new section to our profiles page! It features the PC-7 Pilatus training aircraft. The Swiss-manufactured PC-7 is a turbo prop, tandem seat plane utilized by many nations around the world. As a starter, we’ve added two RNLAF trainers and we’ll be adding more from different nations in the upcoming weeks. For now, enjoy these two beauts!

PC-7 Pilatus L-09

PC-7_RNLAF EMVOClick for larger image and more information

PC-7 Pilatus L-11

PC-7_RNLAF L-11Click for larger image and more information