F-104 Starfighter detail images

All images below were taken and owned by Lieuwe de Vries, they are provided merely for personal research use. A fee applies for professional use.

Radar and nose section

The F-104G used a NASARR radar, short for North American Search And Ranging Radar. Images below were taken at the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport which houses ex-RNLAF F-104G D-8061 “Happy Hooker”.

RAM Air Turbine

The RAM Air Turbine is a device that provides emergency hydraulic pressure and electrical power in case of an engine failure. It is attached to a springloaded hatch on the lower right hand side of the fuselage just aft of the cockpit and can be lowered into the slipstream from the cockpit. The blades are turned by the oncoming air and power a emergency hydraulic pump and a 4,5 kva generator that delivers 115/200 volt, 3-phase (400 cps) ac power. Once extended the ram air turbine cannot be retracted in flight. Shown here as attached to D-8061 at Lelystad Airport.

Exterior images

Wingtip droptank RNLAF

Wingtip droptank Luftwaffe

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