F-16D “Brakeet” 666

F-16DE “Brakeet” 666
F-16AM J-014 Singe Ship Demo Team /></td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan=IAF – 105 Squadron “The Scorpion”The 105 squadron started in 1950 flying spitfires and P-51D Mustangs. The squadron was temporarily disbanded in 1956 when the spitfire aircraft were retired but reformed with Super Mystere B.2 aircraft in 1958. The 105 served in Six Day War, downing 16 enemy aircraft while losing only nine. In the years after the war 26 Mystere aircraft were modified to accomodate the J-52 engine used in the A-4N, which was service in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The Super Mystere aircraft were retired in 1975 and replaced with the F-4E Phantom. In 1991, the 105 squadron began operating two dozen F-16C and F-16D aircraft. As of July 2005, the 105 Squadron began flying only F-16D aircraft.
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