If you would like to order a print of a plane that is not in our gallery yet you can always commission a print. Prices for commissions vary due to a number of factors such as;

Editing time

Say you would like a illustration of a F-4E Phantom that a relative flew or worked on to give as a christmass or birthday present. We do have other F-4E’s in our inventory but we don’t have the exact plane you’d want. In these cases we can quite easily edit the existing illustration to represent the desired airplane due to our digital workflow. In these cases cost will be relatively low depending on shipping, papertype and size chosen. If however we would have to draw an aircraft completely from scratch the prices will increase.

Printed illustrations or just the Illustrations

We can arrange the printing process for you or you can chose to have them printed yourself. Though the latter is less expensive we can not guarantee the quality of the prints as we have no control over the print process used, the printing company or the way the prints were delivered to the printer. When you chose to have us do the printing we can offer a “per print” price which can vary due to the amount of prints ordered.


Do you want to be the only one selling prints of your aircraft? Buying exclusivity is always a possibility. When you buy exclusivity on a illustration designed for you we sell you the right to sell the drawings meaning we will no longer sell prints of the aircraft featured in your illustration. Note that we do reserve the right to sell illustrations of similar aircraft in different colourschemes. We only offer exclusivity to owners and/or operators of the aircraft illustrated.

If you would like to know more you can always send us an e-mail, my adress is or use one of the other contact methods shown in the contact-page

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