F-4G Phantom 69-7212 37th FW, George AB
F-4G Phantom 69-7212 37th FW, George AB
Developed from the F-4E to replace the aging F-105 and F-100 based SAM hunters, the F-4G boosted the efforts to clear the road for the strike packages through the skies of Vietnam, Kuwait and Iraq. Armed mainly with the AGM-88 “HARM” High speed Anti Radiation Missile the F-4G soldiered on untill the late nineties when it was replace by the F-16CJ “Fighting Falcon”. The “Phantom II” depicted here is from the 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron / 37th Tactical Fighter Wing based at George AFB, Victorville, Ca. and was flown by Major Brian “Pit” Murphy (Pilot) and Lt. Randal “Buckeye” Compton (WSO).
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