Dutch Society Of Naval Officers urges NH90 stop-gap

Lieuwe de Vries for Veenstra & de Vries Aviation Publishing

The Dutch Royal Society of Naval Officers has urged the Minister of Defence that a interim solution for the stalled Netherlands Navy NH90 project be sought. The society is currently studying a possible sale or lease of the US built Seahawk which is also coming into service in Denmark.

Society chairman Kapitein-luitenant ter zee (Commander) de Natris “We are voicing our concern on behalf of our members. Full operational capability of the NH90 is not expected before 2022. This would leave the Royal Netherlands Navy without an optimal helicopter capability for up to ten years.”

The Royal Society of Naval Officers, or Koninklijke Vereniging van Marine Officieren in Dutch, is an organisation that seeks to improve the Dutch Navies relation with the general public, lobbies to maintain an effective naval force for The Netherlands and supports their members collective and individual interests. It is not a part of the Navy though it’s members are current or retired Navy personel. As such it has no direct influence on wether or not Seahawks are bought or leased to relieve the RNLAF Cougars currently taking over some tasks from the NH90. Their plea does however underscore the need for added rotary wing capability for the Dutch Defence Helicopter Command, this time from a source close to the action.