The Netherlands feature in defense cuts top 20

Ruben Veenstra for Veenstra & De Vries Aviation Publishing

Today (3 September) IHS Jane’s published a top 20 of declining national defense budgets of the past couple of years. Thirteen countries on this list are NATO members and among them: the Netherlands. In a timespan of just three years the Netherlands on average have cut almost 4,5% annualy of it’s military budget, or translated into money, 464 million euros.

Budgets have of course been the talk of the day lately. Secretary General Rasmussen says he aims to fund the new NATO Rapid Reaction Force through increasing budgets of the member states in the next years. But the figures presented by IHS Jane’s show that NATO has a long way to go when looking for extra money. It also shows that the Dutch government’s recent pledge of putting back 100 million euros into the Ministry of Defense really is not much to talk about. It’s not even enough to buy one F-35.