F-16C 86-0262 Ohio ANG 162nd FS / 178 th FW

F-16C 86-0262 Ohio ANG 162nd FS / 178 th FW
F-16CThe aircraft shown here, F-16C Block 30D 86-0262, was the first F-16C to have the MCID “Big Mouth” intake. On the 17th of januari 1993 col. Craig “Trigger” Stevenson shot down a Iraqi Airforce MiG-23 while flying 86-0262. The MiG had flown north of the 36th parallel in defiance of a UN resolution. Two AIM-120 AMRAAM’s were fired at the MiG that was operating as wingman to a MiG-29 at the time. This was the second AIM-120 kill ever, the first one being a MiG-25 shot down by a F-16D.

At the time of the kill 86-0262 was assigned to 23rd FS “Hawks” of the 52nd FW based at Spangdahlem AB, deployed with the 7440th Composite Wing at Incirlik Airbase, Turkey.

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