USAF Vipers!

After so many (oh so beautiful) Starfighter updates we thought it was time for a change of pace. This week we’re adding some USAF Vipers to our site. Enjoy! (On our Facebook page we’ve reported on ItAF Vipers to be added in the near future, follow us to get the latest updates!)

F-16C 870290 Florida ANG 93rd FS / 482nd FW

F-16C 880471 421st EFS / 388th FW Balad AB 2006

Luftwaffe JaBoG 32 and JaBoG 34 Starfighters

This week we turn to our German neighbours for the addition of two F-104G Starfighters. First up is s/n 20+62 with awesome Bavarian-style blue-white tail adorned with the coat-of-arms’ lion. Secondly is the grey-yellow-blue 22+55 with commemorative paint scheme, for the last flight of the Starfighter in JaBoG 34. Enjoy!


F-104G 683-2072 (20+62)

F-104G 683D-7135 (22+55)