F-4G Phantom 69-7212 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB
F-4G Phantom 69-7212 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB
In 1987 the 52nd FW replaced its F-4E “Phantom II” with the new F-16C and D ”Fighting Falcon” in Spangdahlem Air Base. In 1990 the Wing was involved in Operation “Desert Shield” and Operation “Desert Storm” with 24 F-4G “Phantom II / Wild Weasel” deployed to Bahrain, and 12 F-4G and 12 F-16C aircraft deployed to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. In 3900 sorties, 142 radar sites were destroyed, mainly with high-speed antiradiation missiles kills, during 40 days of combat. In 1995 for Operation “Deliberate Force”, eight F-16C from the 23rd Fighter Squadron were seeking for bosnian SAM sites. To suppress these sites, 23rd fired nine AGM-88 HARMs covered by EF-lllA “Raven” as jammers and US NAVY EA-6B “Prowler” as SEAD aircraft during the missions.
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